Collaborative Collection Development Using Expert Reviewer

Ensure you’re using the R2 Digital Library to its full potential! There are countless features and benefits of the R2 Digital Library that can support your daily workflow and keep you connected with students, faculty, practitioners and more—Expert Reviewer is one of these features. How it works: The R2 Digital Library provides R2 Administrators with a unique opportunity leverage the collective knowledge of local experts—including … Continue reading Collaborative Collection Development Using Expert Reviewer

Going the Distance

What is the future of online learning in Higher Education? From For-Profit Schools to Purdue University’s historic acquisition of Kaplan Education, there seem to be more models and experiments than answers to this question at this point in time. A recent article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education explores online learning as a model that can help expand the reach of the community college … Continue reading Going the Distance

Textbook Returns Awareness

Is your bookstore plagued with the hassle of returning a large percentage of textbooks every season? Is your bottom-line being affected by this exhausting ordering and returns merry-go-round? Are you looking for a way to streamline your ordering process? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then Rittenhouse Book Distributors has a solution for you! Rittenhouse Reserve, a bin & hold program, assists … Continue reading Textbook Returns Awareness