Find us at these October & November Industry Meetings!

Check out the library and retail conferences Rittenhouse will be attending for the remainder of October and November. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a us during the meeting, contact your Rittenhouse sales representative or We’d love to see you there! Mega Conference: October 7-10, 2019 – Reno, NV Visit us at booth #203! Southern Chapter/MLA: “Squaring the Circle: Libraries Shaping the … Continue reading Find us at these October & November Industry Meetings!

Library Workflow, Technology, and Rittenhouse

Access. Discovery. Integrated Systems.  Three of the most important and prevalent topics of library operations in the technology-driven environment of the academic campus.  The need for a library to simply manage a collection is a thing of the past. Today, streamlining operations with systems integration, showcasing and improving access to collections, and providing evidence to support collection management and discipline specific profiling is at the … Continue reading Library Workflow, Technology, and Rittenhouse

Getting to Know Rittenhouse

It’s always a good idea to re-evaluate the benefits of working with your vendors. Your store’s needs can change—there may be new initiatives to consider, along with the original advantages that were taken into account. A good place to start is by identifying what’s currently most important for your store.  This can be done through an examination of your sales history and current textbook and … Continue reading Getting to Know Rittenhouse

Easy Print and eBook Collection Update

Your library collection development policy most likely states that your collection is continuously reviewed to ensure that it is up-to-date and useful to your patrons.  There are so many factors to consider when making acquisitions to add to or to update your library’s core health sciences collections: Is the library providing access to the most current materials that detail advances in research and medicine? With … Continue reading Easy Print and eBook Collection Update

Outcome-Driven: Content in Context

Examining the Professional and Education Information Landscape Water has a simple but powerful attribute of finding a way to flow, gurgle, and seep its way forward.  Surpassing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, changing landscapes, altering lives, the climate and often the course of human existence.  Anyone who has marveled at the beauty of the Grand Canyon can appreciate the humble power of the river in its belly, … Continue reading Outcome-Driven: Content in Context

Supporting the Nursing Boom

As with many other careers in health care, there is a need to balance the current supply of registered nurses in the United States with the expanding demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% increase in the need for registered nurses between 2016 and 2026. Contributing factors to this occupational growth include an increased emphasis on preventative care, growing rates of chronic conditions, … Continue reading Supporting the Nursing Boom

The R2 Digital Library’s Top 10 of 2018

The mission of Rittenhouse is to provide support our customers’ eBook collection development by offering the most current and comprehensive selection of health sciences eBooks available. Hundreds of eBooks were added to the R2 Digital Library in 2018—these Top 10 eBook are of particular interest. You might be wondering how Rittenhouse could possibly decide which 10 titles deserve to be on the R2 Library Top … Continue reading The R2 Digital Library’s Top 10 of 2018

Nursing Education, Content and Libraries

Rittenhouse attended the 2018 National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) Annual Meeting to better understand nursing faculty and students’ thoughts and behaviors when it comes to accessing information and utilizing resources from their school library. Through a survey and focus group, we collected the following information about nursing faculty and students’ academic challenges and content needs. Below is an infographic summarizing what we learned, and how … Continue reading Nursing Education, Content and Libraries

The Merck Manual Then and Now: Stories from 20 Editions

Rittenhouse recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Melissa Adams, Director of Publishing at Merck, to discuss the history and evolution of the Merck Manual throughout its 20 editions. Here are some highlights from our discussion: “We try never to forget that medicine is for the people, it is not for the profits. The profits follow and, if we have remembered that, they have … Continue reading The Merck Manual Then and Now: Stories from 20 Editions

An R2 Digital Library PDA Case Study

Rittenhouse strives to provide its hospital and library partners tools to support their digital collection development. The Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) tool is an example of the value-added features available on the market-leading eBook database, the R2 Digital Library. Doody’s Collection Development Monthly recently published a case study on the R2 Digital Library’s PDA tool. The subject of the case study was the implementation and … Continue reading An R2 Digital Library PDA Case Study